Working Journals / 18 Rabbit


eighteen rabbit stood behind his house praying for symmetry
he prayed to the carcass of a dog that had died some time ago
and now lay with its white ribs exposed
in such a beautiful display of order
he prayed to the men and women who paint the lines on the highways
for never getting bored of the color yellow
he prayed to the colony of ants
moving steadily between the dead dogs ribs
and their perfectly conical mountain
he prayed to his mother and grandmother
for passing down to him their large noses and cheek bones
he prayed to the geese who shit in unison
painting big V's on the landscape
moving south and then back north again
he prayed to the race horses
who hide behind each other in their photo-finishes
he prayed to his wristwatch, his taste in women
the peacock and the letters TUXWYAOHI and M
eighteen rabbit stood there and prayed for symmetry
while the ants slowly hacked away at the ribs of the dog
and the breeze picked up their mountain
and carried it away one pebble at a time

edition size is thirty books
covers are made from bob barker brand wool blankets
original silkscreen
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